NAND Flash Programming on your TS12x or GR228x

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In spite of what Wikipedia says,, your TS12x and GR228X is capable of testing and programming NAND flash.


Now is the time to get that expensive NAND Flash Programming Station off your floor! Consolidate your process, save time and money on every piece you build!




                                           First working model programs Micron, 2 G-bit parts that are 8-bits wide.

                                           The detection, marking and mapping of bad blocks is fully supported.

                                            Programming rate of 176 milliseconds per block or faster. One block = 135168 bytes.

                                           Data transfer rate from tester to the DUT is 1 byte every 250 nanoseconds.

                                           Factory marked bad blocks are identified and mapped around.

                                           Any single-bit mis-compare will mark a new bad block on the fly.

                                           ECC data can be programmed and verified, but the tester cannot do on-the-fly error correction. This is the only limitation.

                                           A C++ DOS console program will convert your binary image to a DDS file. Each block has a separate dataset.

                                           The test program will facilitate the manual marking or unmarking of bad blocks.

                                           The successful use of any ISP model is contingent on good Design For Testability (DFT).


  Tester requirements:

                               GR228x is adequate. TS12x recommended and required for 1.8V devices.

                               Must have the CST option. Two clock drivers and one trigger required per device.

                               DSM may be adequate for smaller programming needs. DSM2 is strongly recommended. DSM2 with 2 modules installed will program all blocks in a 2 G-bit part. Fully loaded DSM2 will program 4 devices.



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