Teradyne and GenRAD Services


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Custom Solutions to Fit your Business



Custom Device Test Models
Traditional Test Vector Model
Boundary Scan Model

Programmable Device Test Models
Device Programming
Boundary Scan Model
Acugen Models

Analog Functional Testing
AFTM Programming
Block/Cluster Tests

GenRad 227x to 228x Conversions
2270/2271 to 228x
2276 to 228x

GenRad 228x to TS12x Migrations








Digital Device Model Development
ASIC & VLSI Devices:
mProcessor, mController,
Video/Graphics Processor
SCSI Controller, DSP, etc.

Model/Vector conversions:
Simulation vectors to test vectors,
Xpress Model, Wave Link
Boundary Scan models generated from
IEEE1149.1 BSDL files
Acugen ATGEN TG Version S60, licensed
Modification for circuit specific configurations
ISP Devices
Deep Serial Memory Testing

Z18XX Turnkey Solutions Available

307X to GR228X/TS12X Conversions








Aspen Test Engineering, Inc. offers a full range of test services including program development, in-house fixture finishing, in-house debug on our 2287i and TS12x machines, and on–site installation of programs and fixtures. Many of our clients rely on our testing expertise in the design stage of their products to insure maximum efficient testing throughout the life of their products. We also offer on-site contract engineering support to fill your in-house test engineering needs.


Contact us today to discuss your custom test and automation solutions.