Aspen Test Engineering, Inc. was founded in July 1985 to provide OEM users of automated test equipment (ATE) with high quality test engineering services. 

Client Base

Customers come from a spectrum of industries such as: Aviation Electronics, Computers & Peripherals, Bio-medical Electronics, Power Distribution and Control, Electromechanical Controls, and Telecommunications.

Aspen Test has delivered products and services to start-up companies as well as a number of major corporations in the medical, aerospace, military, computer peripheral, industrial markets.

Product installations include the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

Products and Services

Aspen Test Engineering provides a full range of test engineering products and services for electronics manufacturers.  These services include programming of in-circuit test systems from Teradyne/GenRad®.  Fixtures are built for in-circuit or functional test systems using bed-of-nails technology.  This product line extends to custom functional system definition, development, programming and fabrication. Contract test of PCB assemblies on these systems is available.  Similar services can be offered for field maintenance and depot repair.  Custom testers, repair diagnostics, ICT fixtures and programs, and contract test/repair are available.

Software development can be accomplished in most environments.  Aspen Test has developed programs in C/C++, Basic, Visual Basic, LabVIEW® and LabWINDOWS®. Programmers are also experienced in Pascal, Quick Basic and legacy programming experience. 

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Operational Capabilities

Aspen Test Engineering, Inc. leases 4000 square feet of space located at 1200 Diamond Circle, Lafayette, Colorado.  This space is sufficient to support revenue up to four million dollars annually.  The facility occupies three suites in one building, allowing room for expansion as required. Aspen Test Engineers have a combined total of 125 years of experience. Aspen Test has exported over 100 projects to Canada, the Carribean, Latin America and the Asian markets.


Programs are generated and debugged on our Teradyne TS128L and GR2287 systems supporting Windows NT and Windows XP operating systems. These are the most powerful in-circuit test systems available from Teradyne. They have the Deep Serial Memory and SFTM/AFTM instruments installed.  Teradyne's full line of advanced features are available such as BasicScan, ISPtools, Opens Xpress, Junctions Xpress, Hybrid Test Modeling, etc. A SCO Unix station and numerous Teradyne program development stations maintain compatibility with previous models of the 228X.  These program development stations are all connected through a local area network for solution efficiency. A3P and/or D2B test tools for PCB CAD data translation are available for all Teradyne supported CAD vendors.  

Aspen Test utilizes OZO CNC drilling systems, a Sharp CNC mill, a Hurco CNC mill, and a Birmingham lathe to provide ATE and custom fixturing. Semi-automated wiring equipment and CAD data processing abilities are a must for efficient fixture finishing.   We have developed our own automatic verifier for post wiring quality control.  Ancillary equipment to perform silk-screening, urethane gasket molding, cable assembly, and wiring is located in-house.  These capabilities allow Aspen Test to provide timely, cost effective, quality fixtures to the customer.

Standard engineering instruments are available on site.  Software environments used include C/C++, BASIC, Visual Basic, and National Instruments LabVIEW and LabWINDOWS.  3D mechanical design is done in AutoCAD and SolidWorks.  A full line of general business software is available.


Employment Opportunities

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