Aspen Test Engineering offers affordable contract test services for circuit boards on our Teradyne TestStation.

In-Circuit Testing

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Test Fixtures

Aspen Test Fixtures

We offer complete in-circuit, functional, and custom test fixture solutions.
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Fixture Options


Vacuum Cover

Our Custom Vacuum Covers accommodate any UUT size.  Our latest design
incorporates 1/4 in. vertical travel for use with top-side probes.

Over Clamp

Aspen Test Over Clamps hold PC boards in place for probe engagement when there is no vacuum seal.   They are also useful for mounting Opens Xpress probes and custom electronics.

Pneumatic Actuator


Ideal for automatic engagement of boards that have numerous unfilled vias,
and where vacuum is not available.  There is 1/2 in. vertical travel and
accommodates top-side probing.



Side Access


Our Mechanical Side Access allows for the testing of typical printed circuit board
assemblies through board mount connectors.
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